Business And Complex Litigation

When a dispute surfaces in today’s business world, companies and individuals face risk on a variety of fronts: the threat of civil litigation, the prospect of investigations and enforcement by regulators, media and public scrutiny, and sometimes the possibility of criminal investigation or prosecution. At Jordan Guydon, we embrace challenges like these because we try cases – and we understand that the value we offer clients comes from our ability to solve sophisticated problems.

Our lawyers prosecute lawsuits and defend them – and we do this in state and federal courts throughout the country and in domestic and international arbitrations. The firm has a worldwide reputation for getting results in critical cases involving all types of complex business issues and disputes, including:

  • Breach of Contract and Business Torts
  • Class Actions
  • Securities and Banking
  • False Claims Act Litigation Against Federal Contractors
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Civil Fraud Claims under the RICO Act
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Libel and First Amendment Rights of Media Entities
  • Constitutional Law Matters

Understanding the complexity of modern business problems is just the starting point. Clients trust Jordan Guydon with their sensitive and critical litigation because our trial lawyers have consistently delivered results and have a passion for working with clients as true business partners. Simply put, trying and winning high-stakes cases is what we do best because we are focused on getting results and can draw upon our worldwide resources to solve legal problems and minimize risk in virtually any venue in the country.

A Tort is a wrong. It involves any damage, injury, or wrongful act done willfully, negligently, or in circumstances involving strict liability. Mass Tort litigation arises from civil actions involving numerous plaintiffs suing a few, common corporate defendants in state and/or federal court for actions arising from a single accident or exposure to some product or substance.

Not all torts are the same. They must be classified and managed according to its unique qualities and characteristics. There are three types of mass torts:

  1. Mass Disaster Litigation – claims based on injuries allegedly resulting from a single, isolated accident or disaster.
  2. Mass Toxic Tort Litigation – claims of financial damage that allegedly arise from business practices.
  3. Defective Products Litigation – claims of injury allegedly due to a common, harmful condition that cannot be attributed to a single accident or disaster.

Often, drug makers, regulation agencies and corporations rush approval of a certain products based on demand or financial gain. Our job as Consumer Justice Attorneys is to see that those manufacturers are held accountable and take responsibility for injuries to consumers that could have been prevented.