Does Your Small Business Need a Lawyer?

If you are trying to build your business without the help of professionals such as lawyers and accountants, you are not alone.  It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs of small businesses to save money by taking on the title of accountant, marketing manager, and even attorney.  Large businesses generally have in-house lawyers (lawyers employed by the company) and retained lawyers (outside law firms) to assist them with important legal matters.

Taking on complex legal matters without the assistance of a competent and trusted lawyer could result in the financial ruin of your small business.  Worse, acting as your own attorney could threaten your personal assets.  We therefore recommend that you engage the services of an attorney that you trust, to assist you in reaching your business goals and objectives.

At JORDAN GUYDON LLP, our goal is to provide you with the best attorney for all of your business needs.  We have decades of experience in navigating the sometimes overwhelming legal challenges encountered by small entrepreneurs, business owners and government contractors in particularly.

Following are a few ways in which an attorney may be able to help you and your small business:

  • As a government contractor, although you may not need to do so today, at some time, you will need to pursue and capture more significant government contracts (in quantity and scope) if your business is going to grow. Larger and more complex contracts inevitably attract more competition.  To win such a contract, you may find it necessary to file a bid protest if your company received unfair treatment or otherwise the award of the contract was not in accordance with government contracts law and policy.  Similarly, if you win a contract award, you may find it necessary to engage the services of an attorney to intervene in a bid protest filed by one or more of the unsuccessful bidders, in order to protect your contract award.
  • If you are attempting to grow your company by purchasing or merging with another company, you will almost certainly need the counsel and representation of an experienced attorney to ensure that you get what you pay for. On the other hand, if you are trying to sell your company to a larger business, and maybe on the verge of a financial windfall including generational wealth and financial security for you and your family, you will also need an experienced attorney to assist you in assessing and addressing important details of the transaction, including tax implications and/or environmental concerns that could turn a profitable transaction into a disaster.
  • In addition, it might not be important today, but, in the future, you may find yourself being sued or needing to sue another party for breach of contract, In that case an attorney is exactly what you need
  • As a participant or candidate for participation in the Small Business Administration 8(a) Program, the Verified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program, or other small business programs, you may need advice regarding the subtleties of certification or administration of these and other small business programs
  • If you need assistance preparing or reviewing your company’s employment handbook, if you need advice regarding employee discipline or you are being sued for wrongful termination or discrimination, you will need the advice and representation of counsel
  • You also need the advice of counsel for establishing the business entity most appropriate for your needs and objectives, drafting/reviewing contracts and nondisclosure agreements and much more…

While some tasks can be handled without the help of an attorney there are many situations which require the knowledge of someone trained to handle often times perplexing legal issues.

JORDAN GUYDON’s primary objective is to provide creative solutions that help you succeed.  Our commitment to meeting and exceeding expectations is measured by the success of our clients.  The team assembled by JORDAN GUYDON for any particular engagement is one that has the relevant diversity and depth of experience to meet our clients’ needs.

The experience and combined backgrounds of our team allow us to render efficient, professional and high quality legal services in real estate, banking, securities, government contracts, and civil litigation.  In addition, our attorneys have broad professional and education accomplishments, including experience as government lawyers in the Department of Defense and the Securities Exchange Commission, experience in some of the world’s largest and most renowned law firms, editors of the law review, Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Public Administration and Masters of Laws in Government Contracts.  We hope this post provides you sufficient information to assist you in understanding when to engage the services of an attorney to assist you with your new or existing business and how a relationship with an attorney could greatly benefit you and your company.  JORDAN GUYDON LLP is here to help with anything you need for your business.  If you have legal questions, we’re here to answer them.

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