So You Want to Be or Are a Small Business Owner

So You Want to Be or Are a Small Business Owner

Transitioning from a sole proprietorship to a legal entity structure (whether a corporation, limited liability or partnership) can be a daunting task without appropriate legal assistance. Small business owners must understand how various laws will affect employment matters, taxes, insurance and contractual relationships with other parties. The type of legal structure you choose for your business will play a huge role in your success (or failure), so it pays to have competent and affordable legal advice. Ultimately, you (and your business associates) will have to make that decision for yourself (yourselves), but Jordan Guydon LLP can help you make informed legal and business decisions and make the process as stress-free as possible. We focus on providing legal assistance to business start-ups and small businesses!

Jordan Guydon LLP’s business attorneys can:

Set Up Your Business, and explain the differences between the various types of legal entities, the tax treatment of each type and recommend the appropriate legal entity structure based upon your short and long-term business objectives.

Explain Employment Laws, and discuss the legal requirements of having employees, including hiring and firing employees; fair employment laws; wage and hour laws; wage withholding; worker’s compensation; unemployment insurance; and, OSHA compliance.

Discuss Contractual Relationships, and explain the basics of business contracts law and the relevance of standard business contract provisions. We will also discuss the implications of entering into a joint venture or other contractual relationships with another business.

Provide Guidance for Government Contracts, and explain the requirements to participate in various preferential programs available to small businesses seeking to do business under contracts which are funded by the Federal government or a state government. We will also explain what additional responsibilities a small business must assume and duties it must perform generally in accordance with the terms of government contracts, including legally mandated regulatory recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

Recommend Risk Management Strategies and Provide Accounting Assistance, and explain the basics of insurance coverage, including general liability, worker’s compensation, directors’ and officers’ insurance, and business auto insurance. We will also discuss strategies and best practices to prevent lawsuits and how to protect your business against potential litigation. We will address basic accounting and fiscal control matters and, if necessary, refer you to a network of accounting professionals who regularly assist small businesses with setting up accounting systems and tax related matters.


Still Want to Be a Small Business Owner?

The rewards of being or becoming a small business owner are many. Proper planning and the assistance of competent and affordable legal advice will play huge roles in the success of your business. Jordan Guydon LLP can help you make informed legal and business decisions. Contact us for a free initial legal assessment to learn how we can help you plan for success.


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