National Security/Military Law

Jordan Guydon represents and counsels clients in National Security matters and Military Law litigation across a broad range of areas:

  • National Security Matters. The increasing terror threats to governments and businesses worldwide and in the U.S. have given rise to a proliferation of laws and regulations governing business activities, such as prohibitions on dealings with specified nations, restraints on the transfer of information and weapons overseas, and a myriad of certification and reporting requirements.  Jordan Guydon understands that those laws play an important role in whether a company’s projected profits may or may not be realized from a substantial investment of effort.  To that end, the objective of Jordan Guydon is to assist clients to engage in business in a manner that promotes reasonable profit and minimizes their legal risk or liability, while at the same time minimizing the threat to the national security of the nation.
  • In the area of national security law, Jordan Guydon is poised to serve clients confidently with a collective experience of almost 35 years in the military; participation in plans for contingent military operations; service in the Gulf War; the authorship of an emergency response manual for the U.S. Army; the authorship of a homeland security management college degree program; the teaching of national security law to national security personnel ; national security assignments in Germany, Kuwait, the Gulf War, South Korea, and South Africa; humanitarian visits to Haiti; and, extensive experience in government contracts and business/corporate law.
  • Security Clearance. Jordan Guydon also assists defense contractors, both individual employees and businesses, regarding government security clearance issues.
  • Courts-Martial and Installation Military Law. From its offices in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia, Jordan Guydon engages in a worldwide practice at the installation and major command levels that spans the spectrum of administrative, civil and criminal military personnel matters in the Armed Forces.  Specific areas include:  advice and consultation; various administrative actions such as reliefs for cause and promotion challenges;  separations;  discharge review boards; medical disability boards; non-judicial punishments; courts-martial; writs for extraordinary relief before military appellate courts; and, appeal of courts-martial to Service Courts of Criminal Appeals, the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and the Supreme Court, among others.

Jordan Guydon prefers to become involved in matters at the lowest level possible to build a strong administrative or criminal record to promote prospects for greater success at higher appellate levels.  Further, our advice will always be honest, practical and candid.

  • Boards for Correction of Military Records. Jordan Guydon’s Boards for Correction of Military Records practice is nationally recognized. Our attorneys do not just follow the rules of the Boards for Correction of Military Records, but they have identified a litany of practices that are unfair to Service Members and are seeking and demanding change from Service Secretaries through the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Homeland Security, as well as through the Congress and The President of the United States.  We fight zealously to ensure that Boards for Correction of Military Records treat Service Members in a respectful and fair manner that is commensurate with their service and sacrifice.  As a result, Jordan Guydon not only represents active duty, former and retired Service Members before all boards for correction of military records, but we also seek reconsideration of any relief denied and, if necessary or permissible, pursue federal litigation appeals of denials of relief by boards for correction of military records.
  • Federal Torts. A wrongful personal injury to another is a tort. We also assist non-service members to obtain compensation that are injured wrongfully by the federal government. Under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), Congress has authorized victims of injuries by the federal government to sue the federal government in court. Consequently, persons and companies may seek money damages from the federal government primarily for (i) wrongful death, (ii) personal injury based on negligence or a wrongful act, and (iii) injury to or loss of property based on negligence or wrongful acts.  In medical malpractice cases by federal government medical personnel or, Veterans or military hospitals, Jordan Guydon engages in a thorough assessment of the claim and proceeds to demand compensation from the government based on merit.

Jordan Guydon possesses significant experience in this area. Mr. Cooley formerly served as the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army’s insurance company (Claims Service) for personal injury in tort, overseas environmental claims caused by military operations, and property loss. In addition, Mr. Jordan served as an installation chief of claims (compensation for injury) while on active duty in the U.S. Army, and continues to make risk assessments for potential liability in a variety of legal matters.