Criminal Defense

Our team of professionals have represented clients in a wide-variety of criminal cases, including cases involving obstruction of justice, conspiracy to misdemeanor cases including traffic matters, theft, destruction of property, violation of open container laws and misdemeanor possession of narcotics.  In addition, we have represented many high-profile defendants and are experienced in coordinating public relations campaigns in connection with a criminal defense when necessary.  We always consider all possible resolutions to a criminal matter and work closely with our clients to determine the most appropriate strategy for navigating each stage of the process.  We also have experience in assisting clients with collateral matters that arise from the filing of criminal charges, including the effect such a charge may have on security clearances to charges leading to disciplinary action at the college or university level.  Our lawyers also have experience in successfully expunging records in qualifying cases.  We are confident that our lawyers can assist our clients through this difficult process by providing thoughtful and responsive guidance in a cost-effective manner.