Real Estate

Jordan Guydon’s Real Estate Practice is national in scope, covering the entire spectrum of real estate and real estate financing. We represent clients in all sectors of the real estate industry, and have extensive experience in all fields of real estate practice:

Institutional Practice
  • The Real Estate Group represents domestic institutional investors and investment bankers in connection with the acquisition, sale, development, rehabilitation and construction of all types of commercial, industrial, residential, retail and hotel properties. We also represent financial institutions and operating companies in sale-leaseback transactions and lease-financing arrangements. We have counseled investors, banks and investment banking clients in the creation of and participation in syndications, joint ventures, partnerships and limited liability companies and REITS. Our attorneys have also handled initial and subsequent public offerings for both mortgage and equity REITS, and organized and handled private offerings and syndications.
Entrepreneurial Transactions
  • We represent entrepreneurial clients, both individual and institutional, in the acquisition, financing, development, management, leasing, operation and sale of a full range of major commercial properties. We have assisted clients in structuring a wide variety of investment vehicles, including partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies, syndications, sale-leaseback arrangements, tiered estate arrangements, REMICS and hybrids. Our work on behalf of these entrepreneurial clients has involved office buildings, office parks, condominium and cooperative buildings, residential buildings, hotels, resort properties, mixed-use complexes, convention centers, sports arenas, facilities and complexes, industrial properties, warehouses, retail facilities, shopping centers, tract developments, phased developments and planned unit developments. Our broad range of contacts in the financial community often enables us to assist our clients to obtain financing for their projects.
Lending Practice
  • Our Firm is actively engaged in representing institutional lenders and regional banks. We are competent at structuring, documenting and negotiating construction and interim loans, long-term financings, other transactions secured in whole or in part by interests in real property, revolving credit arrangements, convertible loans, shared appreciation loans, letters of credit, mortgage-backed securities, and securitized and credit enhancement transactions, including participations and currency swaps. We also have extensive experience in the public sector, including representation of private lenders in affordable housing construction programs.
  • Jordan Guydon represents owners and tenants in the leasing of commercial and residential space. Our expertise includes primarily the unique office and retail market in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding metropolitan area. We have handled the leasing of buildings and space in buildings in urban and suburban markets, including regional and local shopping centers and other retail facilities, and industrial and warehouse facilities in a variety of arrangements, including ground leasing, subleasing, multi-tiered arrangements, umbrella leasing, and equity and cash-flow participation leases. We also specialize in structuring and implementing commercial leasing programs for office buildings and shopping centers.
Tax Counseling
  • We assist investors and investment groups in structuring their real estate transactions, investment vehicles and financings, including partnership participations, joint ventures, syndications and like-kind exchange transactions (including large scale national multi-exchange transactions) in order to maximize tax benefits and to achieve various other tax and regulatory objectives. In this effort, the members of the Real Estate Group work closely with the Tax Group, which specializes in real estate taxation with subspecialties in state and local tax matters, including real estate transfer taxes and mortgage recording taxes.
Real Estate Litigation
  • Our Real Estate Group includes attorneys who have handled a wide range of matters including foreclosure, judicial and non-judicial realization of real estate security and security governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, enforcement of contractual obligations, notes, guaranties, letters of credit and other matters arising out of troubled properties, landmarking, construction and design defects, landlord-tenant matters, criminal and civil environmental disputes, brokerage-related disputes, bankruptcy matters, real estate tax litigation, arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.
Construction Practice
  • Our Firm regularly counsels domestic owners, developers, financing entities, and a wide range of construction managers, contractors and design professionals in connection with commercial construction matters, including: risk allocation, negotiation of general contractor and construction management agreements, subcontracts, trade contracts, owner/developer agreements, design/build agreements, and architect and engineering agreements.
Real Estate Regulatory Matters
  • We assist clients in complying with federal, state and local governmental statutes and regulatory requirements and reporting obligations, including, as a few examples, Hart-Scott-Rodino Act compliance filings, Department of Commerce filings, Bureau of Economic Affairs and Treasury Department filings, FIRPTA matters, AFIDA filings, and HUD matters.
Land Use and Development
  • Our attorneys regularly advise owners of undeveloped and developed properties in land use and development matters, and assist in obtaining federal, state and local land use approvals required for the development of a wide variety of commercial projects.
Environmental Matters
  • Our Real Estate Group advises owners, investors, lenders, landlords and tenants in dealing with federal, state and local environmental laws, regulations and contractual obligations, including the investigation, compliance, remediation and litigation of environmental problems. We represent environmental testing and engineering companies in their formation, licensing and operations. We counsel clients in environmental risk management and in negotiated risk allocations.
Resort, Convention and Leisure Industry Property
  • Jordan Guydon’s hospitality industry practice is regional in scope and focuses on all aspects of the development, construction, acquisition, leasing, management, financing, operation, franchising and disposition of hotels, motels and conference-convention centers. Our clientele includes domestic owners and operators, both publicly held and privately owned, and domestic financial institutions in the full range of their business activities related to this industry. Our areas of expertise enable us to address concerns, as needed, well beyond the initial concerns of real estate-related issues and to provide services in the allied areas of construction and engineering, labor, environmental services, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, corporate finance, bank lending, government affairs and corporate law.